Monday, May 19, 2014

Ballet Baby 'E'

This post has been weeks in the making, mainly due to my continuing ill health. But a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to meet this beautiful little lady and take her photo. She was VERY patient with all the costume changes and changing poses, sleeping through almost everything. Little 'E' is adorably sweet, and I'm getting to photograph her Christening at the beginning of next month too! :)

Hope you like the sneak preview R and T.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Chrysta Rae Autumn Scavenger Hunt

SO, if you're not on G+ yet, my question is - why not?! It's where all the cool kids hang out. ;)

Anyway, G+ has become my Social Network for my photography. I've been following a number of photographers on there for some time now. Taking ideas, inspiration and knowledge from their posts. One of these is the amazing Chrysta Rae. Who along with being a great photographer also happens to be a really lovely person. She's always got kind words and encouragement for other photographers and she's also really funny!

So, Chrysta runs this "just for fun" photography scavenger hunt. I've followed it for some time; looking through the albums in awe at the skill of those who take part. Anyway, when the call came for the Autumn hunt, on a whim (and possibly in a moment of insanity) I signed myself up. In truth, I wanted a new project. A reason to shoot - just for the fun of it. I was not prepared for what the Hunt brought.

Chrysta creates a list of 10 words - the aim of the hunt is for the Scavengers (those that take part) to shoot a photo for each word. When that list was posted, my head just about exploded with ideas! Suddenly I felt REALLY like an artist. This wasn't about shooting portraits, this was about creating an image from conception to end product. IT WAS AMAZING!!!

I didn't manage to bring all my ideas to fruition, mainly due to work commitments and time constraints, but I was happy that I managed to shoot a picture for all 10 words. I was also pretty happy with all of my shots. But the best thing about the hunt was the new friends I made in the Scavenger community. These guys ROCK! They are passionate about photography and are quick to share their knowledge, skills, tips and tricks for the betterment of everyone in the hunt.

And, I guess you could say I enjoyed it, because I signed up for the next one! I have ideas aplenty. And the ideas I have are gonna push my shooting and editing skills. This will only make me a better photographer and dare I say it? A better artist. I can't share the shots (or the list) for this hunt until the reveals have all been done in February. Until then here are the photos I took for the Autumn Hunt.

Mummy (a mummified cat I found in Bolton Museum)




Thankful (this shot earned me an Honourable Mention! I was very proud of this)




SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera - no editing)

Portrait (seated)
I hope you are all enjoying your Christmas holidays. Spending time with loved ones and celebrating.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The worst kept secret EVER!!!

I have been itching to write this post, to edit these photos, to share this day. Back in August my lovely friend Kitty Kat had a Christening for her son Benjamen; Oh, and also decided to "tie the knot" too. This getting married part was supposed to be a surprise for the majority of the guests, I'm not sure how true that was on the day.

I've know Kat for over 10 years now. She's loud and in your face, opinionated, balshy and tough. She's quick to laugh and not shy to laugh at herself. She is also one of the most loyal people I have ever known. When Kat loves, she does it like she does everything in life: in capital letters. She's the kind of friend that is always there when needed, no matter how much time has passed between calls. She'll kick the ass of anyone who hurts those she cares about. For all of her balshy attitude, I know that there was a phase in her life when she'd given up on finding a guy that could match her. Then she met James.

I'm sorry to say, I don't know James as well as I should, but I know all I need to know. He loves Kat, for who she is, unconditionally. You can see it when he looks at her. And Kat is happy. Happier than I've ever seen her, since James came along. And for all her cover-ups of her "girly" side, I know she loves him. In fact, I know she LOVES him.

When Kat told me about the Christening and Wedding and asked me to take some photos, I jumped at the chance. I couldn't wait to capture this day for her. The ceremony was PERFECTLY Kat and James.

Kitty Kat, thank-you for letting me be the one to capture this day for you! I LOVE you right back honey!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lomax wedding

I'm taking a break from editing to share just a few pictures from Sally and Adrian's wedding. :)

They got married back in August, and have been VERY patient (in fact they've been model clients) with me whilst I've been ill. I was worried at one point that I wasn't even going to be able to shoot the wedding!! Thank goodness for Gary, who drove me around and did everything he could to make the day easier for me. All I had to do was point my camera and shoot. :)

I'm now pushing through the editing with the aim of getting an album design together this afternoon. I use Kiss Wedding books and their SWAT designer for the albums. I CANNOT recommend this company highly enough. If you're getting married any time soon, even if you don't choose me to do your photos, speak to your photographer and get them to look at the Kiss system! 

Anyway, back to Sally and Ady. I was honoured to be part of their wedding day. They are a beautiful couple, and beautiful people inside and out. I mean, COME ON! How GORGE are these two?!

Anyone who knows Sally will tell you that she's somewhat of a perfectionist and her obsessive attention to detail was evident throughout the wedding. Her dress was amazing, but I'm gonna tease you with only one little picture. ;)

Though, when you see Adrian's reaction to seeing Sally in her dress for the first time, you just know how amazingly stunning she looked:

That face is all *cat that got the cream*!! ;)

Sally did fantastically at not crying, despite several hairy moments throughout the day:

Though Ady helped by nervously fluffing his lines 

The rings were just as lovely, and that attention to detail came through again, each one is inscribed inside. Sally's with Mrs Lomax and Ady's with Mr Lomax. Doesn't that just make your heart melt a little?!

And of course, I couldn't post a blog about the wedding without a picture of Sally and Ady's adorable son, Oliver. He was very camera shy throughout the day, but I got a couple of him playing around. And he was an excellent photographers assistant, telling everyone to "cheese"! 

Sally, Ady I hope you like the little preview. I CANNOT wait to show you the rest of the pictures. 


Monday, May 27, 2013

Finally, the photos!! :)

I know a lot of people have been waiting for the photos from our getting married. It's been a pretty hectic time at home, but I finally got finished processing them. There isn't really much to say, except that the vast majority of these shots are the work of our 12 year old son. (The ones that I took are those with Cas in them, and the one of the three of us was taken by my bridesmaid Gina).

I cannot express how happy I am that we are married. And how proud I am of Cassius for capturing these moments so beautifully. The kid's always had a good eye, but these shots, they're really special. He didn't take photos that day, he captured memories.

To Gary I say, thank-you and I love you! To Cassius I say, Thank-you, you did a fantastic job kiddo!



We have been overwhelmed by all the well wishes from our family and friends. It's wonderful to find that so many of you are so happy for us. 

Mr & Mrs Meadows-Haworth